2010 Young Scientist Awards.

Yaya was lucky enough to have the honour of the Liana Colvill Memorial Award being presented by Liana's Mum, Marjorie Colvill.

IYaya Lu Marjorie Colvill Liana Colvill Memorial Award Most Promising Young Scientist 2010

 Yaya Lu Mick Halaby Rio Tinto Alcan Award 2010  Yaya Lu Mick Halaby Rio Tinto Alcan research investigation award 2010

Yaya Lu Samuel Crofts Professor Robert Delbourgo School of Maths and Physics Prize 2010

Yaya was also pleased to have personal presentations by Mick Halaby of Rio Tinto Alcan, and Professor Delbourgo, recently retired as Professor of Physics at the University of Tasmania.

The titled images are from "The Examiner" Friday 8th April, 2010. The image with Marj Colvill and Mick Halaby can be seen on page 26, and with Professor Delbourgo and Samuel on page 28 of the same issue. Copies of these photographs can be ordered from "The Examiner".

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