2010 - Dance & Walking Robots...

I decided not to compete in International RoboCup Junior Rescue Primary in Singapore this year, and instead joined the Senior RoboSquad United team. I built Robot BOB. He is the first robot I have made that has been dressed up.

Translated into Mandarin: 我决定不参加今年在新加坡举办的国际救援机器人初级组比赛,而是加入了高级RoboSquad曼联。我建立了机器人的BOB。他是第一个我打扮的机器人。

BOB Yaya Lu's world first Junior RoboCup Dance robot singapore 2010 

His part of the dance was to climb up the whirlpool at the back of the Dance. We entered the Junior Secondary Dance at the 2010 World RoboCup Championship held in Singapore. You can see our Dance entry here.

Mandarin: 在整个舞蹈编排里,它的任务是在其他舞蹈机器人后面爬上意斜坡。在2010年新加坡的世界锦标赛中我们进入初中舞蹈机器人比赛。  点击这里看我们的舞蹈比赛花絮。

World First

World RoboCup Dance Champions 2010 Singapore

Our first place result in the International Secondary RoboCup Dance was reported in Tasmania's Mercury Newspaper here or here, and in the University of Tasmania's Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology newsletter, page 4, here. My mentor told me that I am the only person in Australian International RoboCup history to have two world firsts in successive years. He said it was especially special as the firsts were in different events, and in both junior and senior events while I was still a Junior. Mum and Dad were pleased.

们获得这一类别的第一名 结果报告在塔斯马尼亚的地方报纸  Mercury我的导师告诉我,在澳大利亚国际机器人世界杯历史上 唯一一位连续两年两个世界第一。他说,这是首创,尤其是两个第一在不同的比赛类别。妈妈和爸爸很高兴。

Workshop Fun with Robotics.

As well as helping teach LEGO robotics for half a year in after-school sessions at Bellerive Primary School, I have also helped my mentor teach five Adult Education Parent/Child weekend robotics sessions; in total I spent about 80 hours teaching. It feels good to help people have fun with robotics.

Adult Education parent-child Lego Robotics Workshop

Walking LEGO NXT Robot Projects

After Singapore, I started experimenting with robots that used legs instead of wheels. Here is my first four-legged walking animal (big webcam=big picture & slow; small webcam=small picture & less slow, and you can probably guess what the Apple means!)


Robot Dog built by Yaya Lu Lego Mindstorms NXT walking robot

My second walking robot had two legs.


Two leg walking robot built by Yaya Lu Lego NXT MindStorms

We tested an 8-legged walking design.


Test 8 leg Millipede Walking design built by Yaya Lu Lego NXT MindStorms

We tried putting 8 legs on each side of an NXT brick.


8 legged millipede walking robot built by Yaya Lu Lego NXT MindStorms

It worked, but the robot was very slow because the motors drove small gears. We tried moving the motor so that it drove the bigger of the gears.


Millipede robot with drive to bigger gear built by Yaya Lu Lego NXT robot

Problems: The motors were not powerful enough to overcome the friction of all those gears. The gears kept coming loose. We tried removing two legs, and changing the robot to six legs, hoping that six legs would have less friction.


6 leg walking robot built by Yaya Lu Lego NXT MindStorms

This worked much better. My robot was faster, but it was very bumpy - even if it did make a nice rhythm!

好多了。我的机器人也更快。但它是非常颠簸 - 虽然颠簸的节奏不错!

Yaya Lu Crab Walking Robot Lego MindStorms NXT

The legs seemed to be slipping on the smooth floor, so we changed the legs so that only rubber would be in contact with the floor - the difference when running was huge. It now looked like a crab waving its claws in the air!


Air-powered LEGO NXT Robot

Air could be used with LEGO NXT as well. I built a LEGO claw that worked with pneumatics.


Lego Pneumatic air-powered Claw

NXT 2.0 Robots

I built a "LEGO Shooter" from a MindStorms NXT 2 kit.


Lego Shooter NXT 2 

Also from the LEGO NXT 2 kit, a very angry RoboGator (see video)...

还是用NXT2 组件造了一个很生气机器鳄鱼RoboGator(见视频)...

RoboGator nxt 2

2010 Tasmanian and Australian RoboCup events

I wanted to concentrate on getting a Science Bronze Crest Award, so I did not enter in these 2010 events as a competitor, and instead helped out as judge in the Tasmanian Rescue events.


Science Bronze Crest Award.

I wrote a class science report for my class, using a version of my ClareBot LEGO NXT MindStorms robot that used data-logging with HiTechnic sensors. I hoped to also enter it for a CSIRO Science Bronze Crest Award

My mentor said my school liked my report, and my school entered it in some other science awards we had not heard about. It was awarded the best science project for Grade 8 in both Southern Tasmania and then in the State, also the 2010 University of Tasmania School of Maths & Science Prize for its "mathematical & analytical content", one of the three Rio Tinto Awards as one of the best three School Science projects across all ages in Tasmania in 2010, and the Howard Florey Institute's Liana Colvill memorial award as the "most promising Young Scientist" in Tasmania for 2010.

Yaya Lu Liana Colvill Award Most Promising Young Scientist for 2010

I was surprised, as the Rio Tinto and Howard Florey awards are for all private and public schools in Tasmania up to Grade 12, and I'm in Grade 8 this year. I think I got the Bronze Crest Award as well. I think Mum & Dad were pleased.

我写一分科学报告,记录使用乐高机器人配合HiTechnic公司的传感器抓取数据。我希望用这一报告获取科学铜奖。我的导师说,我的学校很喜欢我的报告,拿它投入其他科学奖项的角逐。它不负重望,赢得塔斯马尼亚八年级组的最佳科学奖。同时它又 赢得 了其他三个奖项: (1)因其特有的“数学与分析的内容“获得塔斯马尼亚大学的数学物理学院奖; (2) 也是力拓公司颁发的2010年度科学项目三位获奖者之一; (3)Howard Florey Institute研究所的Liana Colvill 纪念奖,以鼓励2010年塔斯马尼亚“最有前途的年轻科学家“。我很惊讶,因为力拓和Liana Colvill 纪念奖奖人包括塔斯马尼亚12年级以下的所有私立和公立学校学生8年级的学生。我想妈妈和爸爸很高兴。

You can see a newspaper comment of this award on page 8 of the Examiner Newspaper, 21st March, 2011; or here. My mentor has added some more pictures of the awards being presented here.

Kindle eBook of my Report on www.Amazon.com

To hopefully encourage other students to have the fun that I have had with this project, I have made a Kindle version of my Powder versus Liquid Detergents report available on Amazon.com. I had hoped to make it free to download, but Amazon demands I set a price. I have set the minimum price Amazon.com will allow for an eBook; you can see it on Amazon.com by clicking here. or by going to Amazon.com and typing Yaya Lu in the Search box.

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