2009 - International RoboCup Rescue again - Graz Austria.

Fourteenth LEGO Robot - "Big Wheels"

Yaya Lu Eleventh Robot Big Wheels Lego NXT Robot 

I had problems with tracks falling off my LEGO MindStorms NXT robot Suzy in the 2008 World RoboCup Rescue championships in Suzhou China, so I decided to try using some big wheels like four-wheel drive. I thought the big wheels would go over the debris better.

Good: Went over the debris reasonably well. Went up the international rescue arena ramp, just!

Bad: Was extremely wobbly when going up rescue ramp; I had to add on little back wheels to stop it tipping over. The LEGO light sensors had problems going over the 10 mm debris. It also had problems turning at right angles.

Changes Needed: I couldn’t fit more than two big wheels on the robot without it going over the maximum size, so will try more small wheels.

Mandarin: 中国苏州机器人大赛时乐高MINDSTORMS NXT造的机器人Suzy有轨道脱落问题,所以我决定尝试使用一些大车轮, 就像四轮驱动。我猜想用大轮子有助于走石地
优点:正如所料, 它石地很好。爬坡, 勉勉强强。

改动:我不能用两个以上的大轮子, 否则超过比赛规定体型,所以只能尝试更多的小轮子。

 Fifteenth LEGO Robot - "6 Wheels"

Yaya Lu Twelfth Robot 6 Wheels Lego NXT MindStorms

Big-wheels was changed to 6-wheels, and a big weight added on the front to stop the front wheels from lifting up in the air when it went up the ramp. This needed the same amount of gearing as Big-Wheels.

Good: Went up the RoboCup rescue ramp successfully, with no front wheels going up in the air. Turned reasonably well, but caught on side of the ramp.

Bad: Did not go over the 10 mm debris well, the big weight was not even needed and it was also too big to fit through the doorways between rooms.  Gears keep on slipping.

Changes Needed: Remove weight, try 8-wheels instead of 6 to see if turns better.

Mandarin: 大车轮改为6轮,而且加重前面,以阻止它爬坡时后翻马力和用大车轮相同
缺点不能走直径10毫米碎石地,没有必要加大前面重量,体型也太大,难过房间之间的门道, 且经常轮。

Sixteenth LEGO Robot - "8 Wheels"

Yaya Lu Thirteenth Robot 8 Wheels Lego NXT MindStorms

With more gears and two extra wheels added, I call this robot “8-wheels”.

Good: Went round right angle corners well most times. Went up the ramp reasonably well.  Seemed to find most of the victims. Went over 10 mm debris. Went around big obstacles.

Bad: Didn’t go in straight lines up the ramp. Problems with touch sensor if hit wall at an angle. When went over the skewers in the top room, sometimes gave false readings.

Changes Needed: Try converting to tracks to see if these are better.


Seventeenth LEGO Robot - "Track"

Yaya Lu Fourteenth Robot Track Lego MindStorms NXT

Good: Went up the ramp, again reasonably well, but skidded a bit

Bad: Went up the ramp, but with the front of the tracks up in the air. Light sensors jammed on the 10 mm debris.

Changes Needed: Go back to 8-wheel.


Going to the World RoboCup championships in Graz Austria was expensive. My mentor said he was impressed with my hard work, and as a joke he made this embarrassing video for my parents.



Google Scholarship

Google Scholarship Ogilvie Yaya Lu World Robocup

I was very grateful to be one of two teams from my School Ogilvie that received support from Google to help with our costs of going to Graz, Austria. This was reported in the Mercury, page 13, 26th June 2009, click here or here, and in theNXTstep blog click here.

David Bartlett Yaya Lu Google Scholarship World RoboCup Graz Austria

We were delighted to receive personal congratulations from the Tasmanian Premier, David Bartlett. This was reported in the Mercury, page 10, 27th March 2009, click here or here.

A Surprise at Graz, Austria

When I arrived at the competition site in Graz. I was surprised to see that the organizers had been using a picture of me from SuZhou in their publicity. That is me on the left!


Yaya Lu publicity photo world Robocup 2009 Graz Austria

World First in RoboCup at Graz, Austria

 I used 8-wheel in the World RoboCup Junior Rescue in Graz, Austria (again being given generous assistance by Google - Thanks Google!). I achieved an equal first in the RoboCup Junior Rescue event using 8-Wheels and RoboLab. I was told that this was the first time someone representing Australia has been first in a World RoboCup Junior Rescue event. This is my robot, complete my pink girl minibot, the Tasmanian flag, and a "Thanks to Google" flag:-


Yaya Lu world First RoboCup Rescue 2009

and this is my trophy: 这是我的奖杯:

Yaya Lu world first RoboCup Graz Austria 2009

Seventeenth LEGO Robot - "BackFlop EOPD"

Yaya Lu Fifteenth Robot BackFlop EOPD Lego MindStorms NXT

This was an improvement of the robot I used last year in the Tasmanian Competition. I used some HiTechnic EOPD sensors on it because I thought it would follow the line better.  It also makes it so that difference in calibration won’t affect the robot too strongly.

Good:  The line following was reasonable. The middle light sensor was extremely unique as it shone green light instead of red.

Bad: I couldn’t find a reliable way to work the HiTechnic sensors in RoboLab, which was the program I was using. In order to do it another way, we had to use NXT-G, but had a lot of problems getting my large programs to work reliably in this language.

Changes needed: Trying other light sensors may help.

缺的:我无法找到一个可靠的方法我熟悉的RoboLab软件接感应器。为了另出心裁,我们不得不使用NXT- G软件,但问题是我的机器人程序很大且复杂, 很难在这个程序软件中应用

Eighteenth LEGO Robot - "BackFlop NXT"

This NXT Robot did quite well following the line using LEGO NXT light sensors. I used a different way of following the line this time, so the results were a bit different from last year.

Good:  More testing and the robot got better and better.

Bad: Because of how different the program format was from the original, the NXT light sensors are too far apart for the program to work its best.

Changes needed: Again, trying other light sensors may help…

该机器人用乐高NXT的光传感器, 沿线走很好。我采用了与去年不同的沿线行走程序,因此结果和去年的有点不同。

Eighteenth LEGO Robot - "BackFlop RCX"

In this NXT robot, we used LEGO RCX light sensors so that the two outer light sensors were exactly out of the line. This made the robot center of the line almost all the time.

Good:  The placement of the light sensors made the robot much better at using the new program than BackFlop NXT.

Bad: Trying out the ramp and the cattle grid (speed bumps), I found the robot had a lot of trouble getting over it. Unfortunately, since I had already programmed and adjusted the robot to every sort of problem, it would be extremely annoying to have to do that all over again because of a tire change. You have to deal with things like that happening though.

Changes needed: Try to get a way to get over the cattle grid without if completely destroying all the adjustments I made (which is extremely difficult) and if I can’t, we’ll just have to hope there won’t be many to get over (which may also be difficult) considering this is a competition and all…

:光感应器的安装位置让更好地使用新的语言,比BackFlop NXT
改动:尝试一种能过牛格的方法,同时避免大改动。 如果找不到可行的方法,就只能期望正式比赛时牛格不会太多...

Nineteenth LEGO Robot - "TrackFlop"

Yaya Lu Fifteenth Robot TrackFlop Lego NXT MindStorms

When I realized that BackFlop RCX couldn’t go over the cattle grid, I had to change BackFlop, which made me feel sad because I had put a lot of work into BackFlop. So I took BackFlop apart and made it into TrackFlop.

Good:  TrackFlop climbs over the cattle grid evenly and smoothly, which is what I need.

Bad: TrackFlop is a lot slower than BackFlop RCX, though it will still get around the course quite well. The problem was that when the tracks on TrackFlop stretched in length, the whole robot went completely bonkers, so I am unsure what I am going to do. I will use this as a backup, if the robot needs to go over the speed bumps. Otherwise, I will have to quickly rebuild BackFlop, as long as this is okay with the judges…

当我意识到BackFlop RCX的不能过牛格,我不得不改变BackFlop,这让我感到难过,因为我已经把在BackFlop上花了很多时间。所以我建立TrackFlop。
优点:TrackFlop爬过了牛格, 走得很稳,这正是我需要的。
缺点:TrackFlop比BackFlop RCX走得慢,但它仍能走完全程。问题是,当TrackFlop胶带轮拉长了时,整个机器人像疯了似的,所以我又不知道该怎么办了。我将用这个作为后备,一旦要过减速障碍时能用上。 否则,我会用BackFlop,只要比赛的评审员允许...

Black Beauty

Black Beauty Lego NXT MindStorms robot RoboCup Rescue Yaya Lu

My mentor surprised me with a black LEGO MindStorms 10th anniversary NXT brick. I made an all-black copy of TrackFlop for the Nationals - all-black because I used to live in New Zealand and the New Zealand sporting colours are all-black. The all-black LEGO girl carries a silver fern flag, often used as New Zealand's sporting flag. The pink LEGO girl carries a Tasmanian flag, because I'm a girl representing Tasmania.

2009 Tasmanian & Australian Rescue and Premier Rescue results

TrackFlop won the Tasmanian Junior RoboCup Rescue. I took TrackFlop and Black Beauty to the Australian National RoboCup championships. Unfortunately there were problems with one of Black Beauty's motors, so I used TrackFlop for the Australian RoboCup Rescue event.  It was equal sixth in points, but dropped to 9th on times. The RoboCup Rescue event was dominated by very good and very fast RCX robots, mine was the top NXT robot, and the top Tasmanian robot. I was also the top girl.

Yaya Lu Australian Premier Rescue RoboCup Lego MindStorms NST robot

Having just returned from the World RoboCup Championships, I did not have time to get a Premier Rescue robot ready for the Tasmanian RoboCup championships. I had a bit more time before the Nationals, and managed to quickly get a Premier Rescue Robot together for the National RoboCup. I used the gripper from "The LEGO MindStorms NXT Idea Book" to lift the can; Tasmanian Rob Torok is one of the authors, the gripper build instructions start at Page 145; click here. My robot was not very well tested, but managed to surprise me by coming in 7th in the Australian Premier Rescue event. I was pleased to be the top girl in this competition, especially as this is normally an event for seniors and I am still a junior. I was also the top Tasmanian and top junior in this event. My mentor told me I had come ahead of a total of 51 teams in  these two events, which is OK.

TrackFlop赢得了青少年机器人世界杯塔斯马尼亚州际救援组的比赛。我又拿参加了澳大利亚全国机器人冠军杯,它得分名列第六,但因速度最后排名第九。这次比赛救援组的绝大多数机器人都用RCX。 我的是NXT机器人,在所有NXT机器人中表现最出色。我也时女孩中战绩最好的。


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