2008 - SuZhou Robots.

I was given support from both Google and the Australian Robotics Association to compete in the 2008 World RoboCup Junior Rescue event at the competitions in SuZhou, China.

Mandarin: 我得到了来自谷歌和澳大利亚机器人协会助,参加在苏州举行的2008年世界青少年机器人世界杯,竞争青少年救援组。

My experience at the 2008 World RoboCup Junior event in SuZhou, China

Yaya Lu world RoboCup 2008 SuZhou china

I have put these on this web page, click here.

Mandarin: 2008年世界机器人世界杯在苏州举行。要知详情 在此点击

RoboCup Rescue Robots at SuZhou

I also saw a lot of Rescue robots built from the older LEGO MindStorms RCX sets, and you can see pictures of them by clicking here.

Preparing my Robots for the World RoboCup Junior event in China

I worked hard to prepare my LEGO MindStorms NXT robots for the International RoboCup Junior Rescue event in China. I used RoboLab to program them.

我精心准备我的乐高的MindStorms NXT的机器人参加在中国举办的世界杯机器人青少年组救援比赛。


For a fun project, I built a walking robot. It was slow and too big for Rescue.(Big webcam = big picture & slow; small webcam = small picture & not so slow, Apple = Apple.)


Experimental Robot - "Bendy"

Yaya Lu Lego MindStorms NXT Robot Bendy

An International event meant I needed a robot with really good cornering ability, so I used my LEGO MindStorms NXT kit to built Bendy as an experiment.

参加国际大型活动意味着我需要一个有过硬弯能力的机器人,所以我用我乐高MindStorms NXT套件成Bendy做了些

International Rescue Arena Hill Problems

The International RoboCup Rescue Arena had a steep hill climb. This steep ramp caused big problems for my robots.


Eighth Robot - "4 Wheel Drive"

Yaya Lu Eighth Robot 4 Wheel Drive Lego MinndStorms NXT

My other LEGO NXT robots cannot go up the international RoboCup arena ramp. In this robot all 4 wheels push the robot up the slope. It worked! I tried to make it smaller by replacing the big wheels with small wheels. The small wheels did not grip on the ramp and it didn’t go up the ramp.

Good: It was stable. It was the first robot that actually managed to go up the ramp.

Bad: It was way too big and couldn’t fit the sonar and the touch sensor inside the international RoboCup measurement circle.  

这是我的第八个机器人, 也是我的第一个能爬斜坡的机器人.我成功啦! 可是好景不长, 它太胖了, 不符合这国际大赛体型要求. 我想给它减减肥, 改用小一点的轮胎, 这下它又爬不动斜坡了. 真扫兴!

Ninth Robot - "Suzy 1" and "Suzy 2"

Yaya Lu Eighth Robot Suzy 1 Suzy 2 Lego NXT MindStorms

This robot got its name Suzy because it is made for the SuZhou China competition. It has gone through many changes to get to the final stage.

Suzy 1: Belt wheels, 2 light sensors – it went up the ramp!

Good: It was doing extremely well following the lines in the first room. It could go up the ramp. Yi!

Bad: It missed victims most of the time. It had a lot of false readings. It has problems on the top room bumping into walls.

Change needed: I need a design that can allow the Suzy to avoid the walls.

我的参赛机器人叫Suzy, 取苏州谐音。它经历了好几轮改进。

Suzy用皮带轮子取代圆形轮子, 在准备参赛过程中试用了各种传感器, 如光感器, 触感器, 声感器, 指南针和其中的组合, 可惜终是顾此失彼。

Suzy1 用了二个光感器, 能走黑线, 爬斜坡, 但要漏读或错读小人, 而且到处碰壁。

Suzy 2: Added a LEGO ultrasonic sonar sensor to Suzy 1.

Good: It now backs off from walls instead of bumping into them.

Bad: It still missed victims especially the green ones. It can get stuck in door ways and loses 5 points and 20 seconds.

Change needed: I need something that will help Suzy to avoid getting stuck in door ways.  

Suzy2 还是用二个光感器, 加了声感器, 避免了碰壁, 但还是漏读或错读小人, 尤其是绿色小人。 Suzy3 又添加了指南针, 在上层区的表现大有进步, 但还是漏读或错读小人, 所以我决定先放弃读绿色小人, 只读银色小人。

Ninth Robot - "Suzy 3"

This was me trying to use a pair of pliers to put in difficult and small LEGO pieces into awkward places.

Yaya Lu Ninth Robot Suzy 3 Lego NXT MindStorms

Added a HiTechnic compass sensor to Suzy 2 to see if it would be better in the top room.

Good: It was doing extremely well with the slope and was succeeding through a majority of the obstacles in its path. The compass sensor was OK, and helped a bit in the top room.

Bad: It missed the green victims most of the time. I decided to start with finding the silver victims first, and do the green later.

Change needed: Suzy 3 now found the silver victims well, but missed all the green victims. It also jammed badly on the edge of the door at the top room, where the sonar did not work properly.

Suzy3 的另一个弱点是经常卡在上层门框难以自救。

Ninth Robot - "Suzy 4"

LEGO is difficult to fit together sometimes.

Yaya Lu Ninth Robot Suzy 4 Lego MindStorms NXT

I took the compass sensor off Suzy 3, and put in a LEGO touch sensor. It was difficult to fit a touch sensor into Suzy, and still fit in the size limits.

Good: The touch sensor stopped most of the jamming on the edge of the top room door. Suzy 4 went round the top room well, finding most of the silver victims within the time limit.

Bad: Does not detect the green victims well.

Change needed: Need to detect green victims. Would get a higher score if it were faster in the top room.

Suzy4 以触感器取代指南针, 这一改动化了很多时间, 但大大改进了在上层区域的表现, 确实解决了一些卡门框的问题, 但还是不能稳定地识别绿色小人。

Ninth Robot - "Suzy 5"

Yaya Lu Ninth Robot Suzy 5 Lego NXT MindStorms

Suzy 5 has a better touch sensor position, and my RoboLab program is changed a lot so it finds green victims faster in the RoboCup rescue arena's top room.

Good: Can find both silver and green victims in the top room, and silver victims in the bottom rooms. Now goes up the ramp without a line to follow.

Bad: Fairly OK except for green victims in the lower rooms.

Change needed: Still can’t find green victims in the bottom rooms without lots of false stops.

Suzy5 换了个质量更好的触感器, 又在程序上做了改动, 整体表现都有进步。

Tenth Robot - "Suzy 6"

Yaya Lu Tenth Robot Suzy 6 Lego mindStorms NXT

I used Flat-Head to see if using three LEGO light sensors would help us find green victims in the bottom rooms. It did not work all the time, but did work sometimes. I did not want to change Suzy 5 since it gets good scores, and I would have to make big changes to take off the LEGO ultrasonic sonar sensor and fit three light sensors. That’s why I built Suzy 6 that is almost the same as Suzy 5, but has three light sensors and no sonar. Sometimes it is better and sometimes it is worse than Suzy 5.

Good: Can sometimes detect the green victims in the bottom rooms.

Bad: Does not seem as reliable as Suzy 5 yet. Changes needed: Does not find all the green victims in the bottom rooms.

平头是我的另一个机器人,主要想试用三个光感器帮助识别在底部区域的绿色受害者。平头表现不稳定。我不想改变Suzy5,因为它的表现不错。 改装Suzy5要 做大改动,比如去除声纳传感器和加装三个光传感器。这就是为什么我建Suzy6。 它是Suzy5的翻版,但有三个光传感器而无声纳传感器。它的表现有时比Suzy5好,有时比苏西5糟。

Tenth Robot - "Suzy 7" 

Yaya Lu Suzy 7 tenth Robot Lego MindStorms NXT

I built this robot when I was already competing in the SuZhou competition. The international RoboCup rescue arena wasn’t like what I had thought it would be and Suzy 6 did not go well. So I built Suzy 7 that night. I constructed it from Suzy 5 with big changes. Suzy 7's runs kept improving, and finished up 14th out of 29 robots. I was really pleased to do this well in my first sight of a real International RoboCup Rescue competition arena which had  obstacles I did not expect.

Good: It had light sensors that could be moved to suit the distance of the victims and life-savers made great track wheels between the gear wheels holding the tracks.  

Bad: At first, the tracks kept on slipping off, so I had to stop to put them back on which gave me a five-points penalty. I used lifesaver sweets to help stop the tracks coming off, and that helped a bit, but did not completely fix things.

我建立这个机器人时,已经在苏州比赛的竞争中。竞技场地与我事先理解的不同, 所以Suzy6走得不顺利。所以我在比赛的第一天晚上建了Suzy7, 它主要在Suzy5基础上改动。Suzy7的运行不断完善,在29个竞技机器人中排名14日。我很高兴能在我初次相见的竞技场地上越过未曾预料到的障碍。
缺点:刚开始时,胶皮不断滑落,所以我不得不每次停下来重胶皮带, 每停一次

Eleventh Robot - "Floppy"

Yaya Lu eleventh robot floppy tasmanian rescue champion Lego mindstorms NXT

There was only a week between the time I returned from China from the international RoboCup Rescue and the different Tasmanian RoboCup Rescue competition so I quickly put together this robot. Because I was sick for two days before the tournament, I had little time to tune its program to maximize its performance. So it looks like Floppy will try its luck in this competition.

Good: Won the annual Tasmanian Rescue event

Bad: Needs a lot more testing.


优点: 它居然在塔省比赛青少年救援组夺魁。

缺点: 需要进一步测试。

Twelfth Robot - "BackFlop"

Yaya Lu twelfth robot BackFlop Lego NXT MindStorms

BackFlop is a relative of Floppy’s, except its LEGO ultrasonic sonar points backwards (like OwlBot, my seventh robot). It has smaller wheels than Floppy, which actually allows the robot to be faster and better. We eventually moved to bigger tires on BackFlop, who can’t manage smaller wheels, without skidding everywhere!

Good: Seems better at pushing the person out of the Australian Rescue arena swamp than Floppy, and is OK over the bridge.

Bad: Not quite reliable as Floppy.




Next Robot - "BatBot"

Yaya Lu Next Robot BatBot Lego NXT MindStorms

We named this robot BatBot because the sonar that is placed  upside-down, and bats hang upside-down while sleeping! We used the tracks idea from one of our SuZhou robots, because they seemed better at going over the speed bumps. We had little time to perfect this robot, because of the concentration put in my Rescue robot, BackFlop, so I hope that all goes well, and that I have a lot of fun. And as the saying goes, it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun!

Good: It works, it goes over the speed bumps slowly, but gets there. It is very slow, but it is the best we can do for a Competition robot.

Bad: It fails when it sees many of the green squares. I guess that’ll just mean that we’ll have to rely on good fortune for most of the competition!

BatBot had an automatic claw to grab the can, and string attached to a motor to raise the claw. We did not have time to test this claw properly before the competition, and had trouble with it. I came about half-way up the results. I was pleased to do this well, because it is a senior event, and I am still a junior.



缺点: 它看到太多绿方块是就晕了。 我猜这次又只能碰运气了。

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