Yaya Lu in 2017...

Internship at Google!

Yaya Lu at Google internship

I can't write about what I was doing at Google, because we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but I had a fabulous time. It is no wonder Google is rated as the best place in the world to work by Fortune.com. Google has incredible benefits for Googlers. If you ever get a chance to work at Google, jump at the opportunity!

ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science web page.

Yaya Lu ANU Student 2017

As well as my studies, I tutored some subjects at the ANU again this year, and was included as one of the Bachelor of Software Engineering students featured in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science web page.

STEM Publicity

Yaya Lu STEM publicity 2017

To hopefully encourage more girls to study Engineering, the image above and my background was used in some STEM publicity in the "Careers with STEM" web site,

Yaya Lu Food for Thought STEM publicity 2017

This information was also used in 25,000 copies of a booklet distributed to schools; the complete page pdf is here. Since this publicity has resulted in a lot of views of my web site, I will expand the information about the tutorials produced by the team I worked with; see more information about our UDEMY, LEGO EV3 & NXT tutorials below. It is marvelous that we can use the Internet to help so many students worldwide learn about robotics and engineering. Feels so good...

Free UDEMY LEGO MindStorms EV3 Robotics Courses - 13,500 students

I first started helping students at one of Tasmania's oldest Primary Schools (Bellerive, established 1842) learn robotics in 2009, and later assisted my mentor in Adult Education Parent/Child and other robotics classes. In all of these we assisted on a voluntary basis. I enjoyed these sessions, and felt good that I was helping students and paying back and spreading some of the good luck I have been fortunate enough to have had with robotics. My Mum, my mentor and I put a free LEGO EV3 course online, and it has continued to grow. Fun with LEGO MindStorms EV3 Robotics for Absolute Beginners on the Udemy website has now had over 13,500 students - over 500 times the number of students we had in a class in Tasmania. Wow.

Free LEGO EV3 YouTube Tutorials for Absolute Beginners - 710,000 views

Our YouTube videos have just passed 710,000 views! We have put about 47 tutorial videos for LEGO EV3 robots in a YouTube PlayList. To start the PlayList, click here and then left-mouse-click on "PLAY ALL". You can also download free eBook, pdf and Kindle overviews of our YouTube playlist videos from http://www.DrGraeme.org, which also contains some of these tutorials listed individually.

As an experiment we are also starting to trial these tutorials in an online learning management system  at www.DrGrae.me ; to see the start of our EV3 work left-mouse-click here. There are also details of sets of arenas that we have used in our classrooms, click here, as well as a system of reconfigurable robot mazes that we have found our students loved, click here. These maze elements can be made at home by a handygirl - click here.

Free LEGO NXT Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

LEGO NXT Alien tutorial Yaya Lu

LEGO has stopped selling NXT sets, but many are still available on eBay and similar web sites. Students who have purchased a second-hand set might be interested in our old LEGO NXT tutorials. We have LEGO NXT tutorials arranged in a preferred sequential order at http://www.DocGraeme.com ; a pdf overview of these tutorials can be downloaded by clicking here. You can also see an extended collection of NXT tutorials  that contains the DocGraeme.com tutorials, plus a few more, by clicking here. There are also details of sets of arenas that we have used in our classrooms, click here, as well as a system of reconfigurable robot mazes that we have found our students loved, click here. Sometimes I have had to make my own fun, and you can see a Grade 7 me trying my hand at making one of these maze elements here.

Have Fun!

Back in Tasmania.

Yaya Lu in snow at beautiful Mount wellington parkYaya Lu at Fern Glade Track Mt. Wellington

We only get snow at my Hobart home once every 2 - 3 years, and I was home for this snow fall. We went up to Mt. Wellington. This is the start of the Fern Glade walking track that winds around one part of this beautiful mountain reserve.


Snow is heavy on these examples of Sir David Attenborough's favourite plant. He has one of these botanically ancient Tasmanian manferns growing beside his front door.


The snow did not help the solar panels that day!

Snow on road from Mount Wellington Tasmania

The road was made a bit slippery by snow, but the road led...


past someone's idea of Utopia, down to...

Yaya's version of almost Utopia the Tasmanian Gingerbread factory

my version of Utopia - well, almost :-)  - the Tasmanian Gingerbread Factory. Yum!

To Beijing China for an IoT Course.

A class of ANU students are going to Beijing China to take a Summer Course, learning about the IoT (Internet of Things), and I'm lucky enough to be included. Wow! Hopefully it will be really interesting & good fun. It will also give me a chance to practice what I remember of my Mandarin. My Grandma speaks mainly Shanghai dialect. I spent a lot of time with my wonderful Grandma when growing up, hope my Mandarin does not have too much of an accent...

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