Woolworths "Earn & Learn" supports Robotics

I'm so excited! I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Woolworths in a presentation resulting from their marvelous Earn and Learn campaign that enables schools to obtain extra equipment for their students. One Green Bean arranged for me to fly to Sydney, to conduct a robotics presentation for a group of very excitable 8-11 year olds from Kingsgrove Public School.

Yaya Lu Kingsgrove School Woolworths earn and learn

On the right in the background you can see the Principal of the Kingsgrove Public School Beverley d'Astoli. On the left is Woolworths' Annabelle Goodings, who says she has seen a big increase in the demand for robotics/ICT equipment for schools participating in this program (115% more than 2013).

Mark Lane, Beverley d'Astoli, Woolworths Earn and Learn presentation Kingsgrove School

Mark Lane, Woolworths store manager, presents Ms d'Astoli with the "Earn and Learn" certificate.

Woolworths Earn and Learn Kingsgrove School robot equipment

Kingsgrove benefited with some marvelous Pro-Bot and LEGO WeDo 2 kits. Woolworths were also kind enough to donate a set of "Robots of the Future" to the school library.

Djuro Sen Kingsgrove School interview

Students had the thrill of being interviewed by Djuro Sen, and seeing his report on the Channel 7 news site (7 news Sydney Published February 18th, 6:33 p.m.), or if that is missing, try here. The Australian newspaper also covered this event in page 7 of their March 1st edition (if that is not available, try here).

LEGO MindStorms EV3 Robotics Courses - 9800 students

The free online LEGO EV3 robotics courses for Beginners that my Mum, my mentor and I put online have continued to grow. Fun with LEGO MindStorms EV3 Robotics for Absolute Beginners on the Udemy website now has over 9,800 students - over 390 times the number of students we had in a class in Tasmania. Videos including our YouTube LEGO EV3 Tutorial Playlist for Beginners have had over 580,000 views! It is marvelous that we can use the Internet to help so many students worldwide learn about robotics and engineering. Feels so good...


I first started helping students at one of Tasmania's oldest Primary Schools (Bellerive, established 1842) learn robotics in 2009, and later assisted my mentor in Adult Education Parent/Child and other robotics classes. In all of these we assisted on a voluntary basis. I enjoyed these sessions, and felt good that I was helping students and paying back and spreading some of the good luck I have been fortunate enough to have had with robotics. Seems my good luck is continuing, as I've been offered some tutoring in computing subjects at my University.

Internship at Google.

With my heart in my mouth, I applied for an internship at Google. I did not have much hope, as I had been told that Google had had 40,000 applications for 1,500 positions in its Summer internship program in the USA. I had several interviews, and was then offered a Google internship in Sydney! If the people I am to be working with are as nice as those I met at Google's Anita Borg Scholarship retreat in 2012, it promises to be a wonderful experience. Looking forward to it!

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