Some of My Robots...

I'm Yaya Lu. In Mandarin my name is 娅娅. One of my hobbies is to build robots. I have mainly used LEGO MindStorms NXT sets to build these robots. I am holding dear old Flathead - my first competition robot. You can see some of the other robots I have built by clicking on the years to the left.

Yaya Lu RoboKid Mercury Front page 28Jul2008

For practice, I have written the descriptions in my web site in both English and the Chinese language Mandarin. The English above, when translated into Mandarin, is:-

我是Yaya Lu中文名字是娅娅。我的爱好之一是建机器人。照片是我抱着爱的Flathead- 我的第一场比赛的机器人。你可以点击左面的年表看看我建的其他机器人。

I'd like to thank both my mother and my mentor for their help with this web site. My mum helped with the Chinese translations, and some of the videos originally appeared on my mentor's web site.

Image courtesy of The Mercury Newspaper, front page, 28Jul2008. - Some of my robots.